3D Data Visualization Analytics




by Data Cocoon

Patented Technology

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B4_UR_IZ is a self contained 3D data rendering platform

The system visualizes relational data sets within and over time in a way that creates a holistic ecosystem view of your data. The cohesive nature of the visual allows you to see your data literally before your eyes, hence the name B4_UR_IZ (Pronounced Before Your Eyes).

A  good data visualization is worth a thousand spreadsheets

The scale of data available today is incomprehensible, and the challenge of extracting and understanding what’s important becomes more difficult with each passing day. Traditional graphical attempts—plots, pie charts, and bar graphs—lose value as the amount of data grows and the complexity of its relationships expand. Decision makers are often lost in a sea of numbers, where detail overwhelms content and individual facts obscure understanding.

B4_UR_IZ is a visual bridge between information and understanding. Just as individual notes are combined to make a symphony, B4_UR_IZ transforms vast amounts of complex data into a display where content and meaning are one.

B4_UR_IZ  gives users real-time multidimensional analysis of data

This data visualization software will allow companies, both large and small, to analyze the complex data available today in a way that is far more intuitive and useful than simply looking at numbers or charts/graphs. When using B4_UR_IZ, the user will feel like they have complete control and understanding of complex data.

An Academic paper on the use of B4_UR_IZ in Marketing can be found on our blog.

B4_UR_IZ turns data into tessellating hex cells that allow the user to view the data in a way that is more natural to the brain.  This allows users to absorb large amounts of information more quickly and retain it better.  Viewing data using this patented format allows the user to visualize data like never before.  Instead of looking at simple representations of data such as charts or graphs, the user is able to view the data at a point in time in full 3D and then watch it change over time

For instance, when viewing the income statement of a company using this format, the user is able to watch the entire income statement change over time.  This allows the user to extract important information from the data that might otherwise have been missed by looking at simple numbers or charts/graphs.  By using this format in B4_UR_IZ, users are able to take in larger amounts of  complex data at faster rates than ever before.

Viewing data over time using this format can be compared to watching a flower grow.  You can see the data flower at a point in time, and then watch is change over time.

3D Data Visualization of Intel's Income Statement Over Time