User Experiences

As a 26 year old student of Finance, I have been exposed to many different data visualization techniques.  When I was asked to look at some new 3D data visualization software, I was interested to see how it would work.  I found the B4_UR_IZ software to be incredibly visually appealing compared to data visualizations I had seen in the past.  I grew up playing video games from a very young age. When I first started playing games, they were 2D and very pixelated. As I grew up, the games became more and more advanced.  With the release of the PlayStation 2* and other 3D consoles, a change in video games occurred.  2D graphics seemed incredibly outdated and no longer as fun to play.  From then on, Graphics continued to improve with each console generation.  Today, video games look almost real and are very immersive.  When I first saw the visualizations produced by B4_UR_IZ, it felt like I had seen the next generation of data visualization.  The multidimensional visualizations made me feel fully immersed in the data, almost like I was playing a video game. This is something that generation X can really relate and interact with.  Simple charts and graphs I had used and seen throughout my years in school seemed outdated.  I wondered why these advanced 3D visualizations hadn’t been created before.  Why is business intelligence software still using 2D when video games have been using 3D for such a long time?  Perhaps this is the beginning of a revolution in the way we view data.

3D Data Visualization of Intel's Sales by Division